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How do we give vitality to Big Data?

In the Internet wave swept through the industry in full swing, it is hard traditional enterprises can maintain a stable and healthy state of mind, do not rush to plunge into the air among the big data. In most traditional enterprises as well as the hands of Internet companies, big data is just a pile of data quantity and even the concept of blind, used to meet capital errand or flicker.

How to help them overcome the above shortcomings, how to make big data play a real role, showing its real value, TalkingData worked out in a few years of practice in a own way, helped many companies find large data real charm.

TalkingData do five years, we have collected a lot of data. With many industries to cooperate, eventually found that the data really want to work, and must be combined with specific industry needs to play a role.

Last year and we encountered a lot to our company to talk to me big data the cooperation of friends, a lot of fun phenomenon is that several people say I have this data, you buy it? I sell it to you. I ask you what is the data? He pulled hard, 80G, want it?


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