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Technological companies overturns your lifestyle

Today I want to lecture topic we can see is called “geek subculture counter-attack,” What is the geek subculture, I think there are two words, a “geek”, a “sub-culture”, Asia more recently we talk about culture, such as the second element, and so on for the barrage of mainstream cultural influences.

But I think more subcultures occur every day in our lives, we may not impressed. For example, I was the Northeast, for the mainstream subculture counter-attack is actually very, very serious, such as now DJ music station, or comedian, do not say even if not called Northeast comedy, so you can see so many Chinese draft program is actually hard.

So I think for our sub-culture influence is slowly infiltrated into mainstream cultures, we stepped on this point should be called sub-culture geek subculture, science and technology or subculture. So why do you say, first of all because our science and technology affect all aspects of the lives cut into, for example, is now seeking a marriage without the drones have no concern.


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