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The essence of virtual operators is users

In the real-name system, and wholesale and retail inversion pressure, virtual operators struggling, the continual loss of talent, Jingdong Ministry recently released the 2016 first quarter announcement on the quality of telecommunications services, a total of 10 companies were named by the user complaints, including six virtual Jingdong virtual operators blacklist providers ranked the top.

Thus, in the development of the user, Jingdong fear fear hands feet. Jingdong Wang Xiaosong, vice president of Sohu science and technology in an interview that the development of virtual providers blind user is a disaster. Wang Xiaosong said virtual operators “thunder, little rain,” is normal, the upstream state-owned enterprises, the change is slow. However, Wang Xiaosong said that in the long run, the virtual operator business is very good, and that virtual operators is very important to Jingdong, Jingdong from the sale of finished goods to the simple user management role change, virtual business Jingdong will become mobile Internet Entrance.

Yan wavelet leaving only a virtual microcosm of suppliers into the chicken before, after many shuttles from telecom operators to a virtual provider has entrepreneurial talent drain. Ministry data, “As of the end of May 2016, the number of users of virtual operators in the development of 31 million, more than 40 virtual operators conduct business.”


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