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Smart express connects you and me

He said the courier industry is a short remote connection is a traditional labor-intensive infrastructure services industry. Courier accompanied by hard work and trouble, but through micro letter, express delivery can be more convenient, more humane, more vitality. Bo from the “more convenient to find us”, “humane courier”, “viable usage scenarios” three themes wisdom delivery are described.

2015 statistics show that the State Post Bureau, express delivery industry-wide volume has reached 20.67 billion, with an average contribution of 15 per person. Faced with such a large amount of courier, express wisdom as to express a single Internet-based portal. Through micro-channel two-dimensional code scanning, you can find express a single number. By scan code can also be permit renewal, pick-up, and micro-channel pay. The two-dimensional code in postal, transport vehicles and other pieces of the above can be found.

He cited an example, this year China Post letters of college admission process, the first use of the public so that candidates know the number of admission status. Secondly, timely information to push the candidates admitted to the University for students prior to admission to a preliminary understanding of their future school sites.

Bo made the future there will be more open to user features, such as exit visa, customs tax, ID Card Replacement, postal snapshots, social security card to apply for, and so on. These services only through micro-channel can be achieved.

He said that the future of the Internet lies in traditional industries for the application of Internet technology, the express industry is such a typical case. Through wisdom courier, the courier industry and the traditional Internet technologies to provide users with more convenient services.


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